The hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, which is only 26 km from the nearest airport. The city center offers an eclectic mix of activities and sightseeing with its exquisite architecture and a rich historical and cultural heritage.  We are only 3km away from the ZOO, which lays on the southern part of a small hill named Rožnik in woodland surroundings as a part of a protected regional park. You can observe animal species from all parts of the world, but prides itself on the animal species typical for the area where the Alps, Pannonia and the Mediterranean meet. The Ljubljana castle (5km from the hotel) is one of the most prominent features of Ljubljana. Sitting on top of a hill which was populated in the 12th century B.C. already. The Ljubljana marshes (2km from the hotel) are a natural area of swamps and peat bogs known for its rare vegetation and animal species, as well as for the ancient crannog remains which are a part of the Unesco world heritage. It spreads out in the southern and southeastern part of the wider Ljubljana region measuring approximately 160 km2. Škofja Loka (25 km from the hotel) is a medieval city on the Alpine foothills reaching towards the agriculturally rich Sora field. The magnificent Loka castle stands tall above the confluence of rivers Poljanska Sora and Selška Sora which is to this day one of the oldest architectural monuments of its sort in Europe. The Triglav national park (65 km from the hotel) is the only Slovenia’s national park and stuns you with its exquisite beauty. The national park in the area of Julian Alps in the northeast of Slovenia got its name from the highest mountain in Slovenia Triglav, which is 2.864 meter high. A diverse terrain of mountainous Karst with picturesque mountain tops and valleys features numerous natural and cultural sites with plenty of options for activities in the nature and an actively spent day. Bled (55 km from the hotel) is one of the most beautiful alpine retreats known for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water.  Slovenia only has one island, but this one is so unique that it is more attractive than many exotic islands. Sheltered by the surrounding mountains it stands proud in the middle of an alpine lake and has been enchanting its visitors for centuries now. A little gem that makes people from all around the world want to return there.

 The Postojna cave (39 km from the hotel) is definitely the most famous tourist cave in the world as well as one of the biggest tourist attractions of Slovenia and one of the biggest karstic monuments in the world. A fantastic overlap of tunnels, galleries and halls. An outstanding variety of karstic phenomena and easy access is reason enough for the extreme popularity of this cave which has seen over 34 million visitors in 200 years. The Adriatic sea (95 km from the hotel) offers a pleasant climate for all sorts of activities and trips in a beautiful part of Slovenia. Piran (95 km from the hotel) is the best kept cultural monument of the Slovenian Istra and the closest neighbor to a more cosmopolitan Portorož. World known for its picturesque character. It is definitely worth seeing and experiencing the architecture of a city which was greatly influenced by the republic of Venice. Piran has maintained the typically medieval narrow streets, adjoined narrow houses, countless squares and ten churches with a contact to the ocean. The Tartini square is a proud jewel in the city centre, which was named after a famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini who has had a great impact on the image of Piran.

Portorož (121km from hotel) is a city with a rich cultural and touristy history. The sea, the sun, the wind, Mediterranean aromas, palm trees, roses and evergreens, relaxation and fun are words that best describe Portorož; a seaside jewel set in the heart of Europe. Trst (80km from hotel) is an Italian city of numerous colours and exquisite surroundings. A natural, historical, mercantile and cultural intersection of East and West. A magical atmosphere of hundreds alleys and pristine flavors in a fairytale setting where the snow white karstic rocks reflect in the blue waves of the Adriatic Sea.


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